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Lady Sky


House of Hepley

Lady Sky is Cazic's, my youngest (16) son's baby girl. He has 2 Bostons. He also keeps Lady Belza, our second oldest Boston. Belza is of course Cazic's best 

Sky girl.JPG
Sky Baby.jpg

 friend. Lady Sky is his second best friend. Sky has one blue eye and one brown. It is called Heterochromia -- this is the genetic condition that causes different coloured eyes in dogs. Not as uncommon as most pet owners believe. It simply means that each eye has a different amount of pigment. This of course has not been scientifically linked to any other health concerns -- so for us it is just as exceptional as this little lass.

 Sky is a rich black brindle and white. She has all four white socks, a full white collar and is just gorgeous! She is so feisty and full of energy at this age, keeps all the adult dogs on their toes! She has all the love in the house and she plays hard! She has proven to be such a wonderful mom, and puts off such a beautiful rainbow of puppies!


Sky and Lauren.jpg
Tired Sky.jpg
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