Lady Kimber


House of Hepley

Lady Kimber is our little tank. She is a fawn with a black mask. She is such a snuggle bug, but HAS to be by my side all the time. She loves to harass Baby Pyxxie and little Winter, and Winter has the girth to take it. One of them will find a stick in the back yard and RUN while the other two try to get it. Its crazy watching them, they are so much like children! If you're walking in the door, and she wants in...she will push you aside to get in. She is a hefty 25 lb beast! Every inch of her is muscle. Although she is BIG, she is also so very soft and full of love. She plays with all the adult dogs, but Lady Sky is her bestist friend. It is so very awesome to be able to watch them play and have fun with no stresses! We are anxiously awaiting her first litter, with wonderful colorful suprises in store!


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Kimber 2.jpg
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