Sir Glock

 is our AKC Blue male. He is so cute, and ALL BOY. He is about 23 lbs. He loves attention, but on his terms! He has the perfect look! He has a full white collar, white forepaws, nice wide white blaze. He is just beautiful!  His favorite pastime is playing outside. He absolutely loves the farm and plays from sunup to sundown. 


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Sir Glock


House of Hepley

We try to keep him in and he whines until he can go play in the grass. He also loves chewing up anything that you are working with. One minute it is there and then it is gone... sneaky Glock. 

glock and nova.jpg

Glock was an awkward puppy, lanky at first. Him  and Lady Nova grew to be bestist friends. Laying around in the yard...mostly eating my shoes...

 He is spoiled rotten and ususally gets his way! It's so hard to resist his sweet face.

   If Glock is not playing, he is most definitely sleeping! His favorite place to crash is my bed! He is a little snuggle bug.

Glock and Brittney.jpg
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...and my husbands shoes, my sons shoes, and even guests shoes if they leave them out.

Glock 2.jpg
Glock 3.jpg