Sir Remington


House of Hepley

Sir Remington

 is our AKC Brindle male, about 22 lbs of solid muschle. He is so sweet and low energy. I guess you could say that he is very "chill". He is a little "stranger" shy, and tends to keep his distance. He is very gentle and loving. He prefers to stay in our nursery as to inside the home. He doesn't really care to sleep in our bed, he enjoys his independence. 


remi main.jpg

Remi isn't really interested in our horse, Gypsy, but he is not afraid of her. He just pays her no mind. My son's friends love Remi because he doesn't jump up on you when he says, "Hello" and is very calm.

Remington is a beautiful Black, Seal, brindle and White. We are especially excited to see what colors he will create with our ladies. Originally, brindle Boston Terriers were the most popular Boston Terriers.

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