House of Hepley

Hello, my name is J ack Epley and I am a retired 100% Disabled Veteran, of the the United States Army. I am very proud to be American, and am proud to have served my country. My wife is Ciaran Epley, and she is also a Disabled Veteran, of the United States Army. Together we have six children, of which three children are serving in the Armed Forces, and two children are preparing to serve.

  • Ciaran holds her MBA, and Masters in Psychology. Specializes in Military Trauma 

  • Brianna is my oldest, and has blessed us with our first grandchild, Corvin. She is a wonderful mother, and an amazing woman. Corvin keeps her busy busy busy at all times! Corvin is 3.

  • Connor, just completed his term serving as an Army Combat Medic. He is now  home with us and started college at SUIE.

  • My second daughter, Chloe, is 23 and serving in the Air Force. She is currently stationed in Germany.  Chloe works with mental health for our service members.  

  • My son, Ryan, is 20. He was accepted into the Army program "High School to Flight School", through a rigorous and competitive          selection process. He is now serving as a Warrant Officer in the Army, and a Black Hawk pilot and is stationed in South Korea.


About Me

  • My son, Dakota, is 21 and currently attending the University of Missouri for criminal justice.  He is aspiring to join the FBI when he finishes college and a term of serving our country. 

  • My son Cazic, is the youngest and is 18.  He is enlisting into the Army as an Engineer (just like his father I might add). He has begun training at home and is very excited! 

 My Love for Boston Terriers

For  a family with six children, and each wanting their own dog, we began looking for a breed that was rather small and did not shed much. We wanted a smart, friendly, and affectionate  pup for each of our children. We researched forever and found the Boston Terrier Breed. These dogs have become absolutely the very best friends that they will ever know. 

My Girl

     Pets have always been a passion of mine. Brittney is my service dog and is perfect! She is my gentle little forever companion.  She is champagne in color, and has the greatest heart. She is with me always and We walk through life together.

She is a sleeper though, she has always loved to sleep next to me and my wife; as, most Bostons do.

With our own eight dogs -  belonging to my wife, myself and each of my children we decided to create the House of Hepley in 2004. We aim to pass the thrill of owning a Boston Terrier to other people. The extreme happiness that these puppies brought to our family was unfathomable. I surely hope you get the opportunity to have a Hepley puppy select YOU, through our kennel.