Lady Mauser's Waiting List

Every business has it's special product, I guess that you can say Lady Mauser and Sir Cairo are our elite product. All the health guarantees, plus the most beauitiful color. It was very hard for us to find a great breeder that would allow us to breed this line of cream Bostons -- with that said they were very expensive. Our cost to you will be $4000.00 with a deposit of $2000. This includes the whole Hepley experience, and a little rare amazing color. We will only take 5 families, and we currently have 1 family on the list. Please state that you want to be selected from Mausers litter on  your request to be added to the waiting list.

At House of Hepley, most puppy seasons we have had extensive waiting lists of families ready to adopt a Hepley Boston Terrier baby.  We do not hold names unless a deposit is placed. Too many families find puppies from other breeders during the wait period, which is understandable. To make the paperwork easier on us, we have done away with a waiting list UNLESS a deposit is placed upon a puppy.  Fully refundable if we do not produce your dream puppy. We only have time for serious families, who are more concerned with the health of their puppy, then the "conformation" of a puppy. Our babies are not SHOW dogs, they are therapy Boston's, service companions and sincere parts of a family. Although we do strive to produce healthy dogs that are able to be showed..we do not push in that direction.

Pick of the Litter and First Notification: Our season disabled Veteran will always have first pick of the litter for their service companion. This puppy is free for the Veteran and each litter season we choose a different Veteran in need. 


Second choice:  First Come First Serve Basis - First deposits secure a puppy of choice. When you place your deposit, you will get your number of pick. We will not hold a place unless a deposit is received. Families are contacted in precedence from the date of deposit received. If a family has already placed a deposit, they have the earliest picks of their new Hepley Boston baby! If they do not select a puppy, they do have the choice of:  1.) a full refund of their deposit, or 2.) adding their request to the following season's waiting list.



Hepley Boston Terrier Puppy waiting list