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       Every day we are learning more and more about how to keep our Boston Terriers healthier and happier. We believe that healthy bostons are happy Bostons! We want our Bostons to have full advantages of current health testing.

By ensuring that our babies are healthy, will keep your selected puppies healthy and free of genetic health problems; therefore, eliminating the genes from our future Boston Terrier generations.

If all breeders had their Boston's tested before they had puppies, we would only make the breed better by eliminating the inherited illnesses. I believe that if you do not test your babies, and you breed them...then you are part of the problem. I encourage health testing for the future of our Breed. Although I do not know everything, I am always learning new ways to keep our breed healthy and happy! Our Boston's are our babies, and as their parents--we owe it to them to do everything that they cannot do for themselves. We alone are responsible for keeping their health a top priority. 

At House of Hepley our parent Boston Terriers have been certified with OFA in the following tests, which means healthy puppies that will never see these genetic diseases!


1. CAER - Companion Animal Eye Registry  =  This test is performed by board certified (ACVO) veterinary ophthalmologist. 


2. (BAER) Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response - performed by board certified veterinary neurologist. The BAER test is the only accepted method of diagnosis for genetic and Inherited canine deafness.

3. JHC - DNA testing: Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts 

4. Patella Luxation 

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