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Lady Pyxxie


House of Hepley

Pyxxie test.jpg

Little Lady Pyxxie is our smallest Boston Terrier. She is a rich black brindle and white. She spends her days with her best friend Lady Winter -- playing and sleeping all day long. She has all four white socks, a full white collar and a little brindle Haggerty Spot. I think that she is just gorgeous! She has become very docile and laid back. She loves ... absolutely loves to play with the puppies when we have them. She is very gentle with them and that makes me so happy. Her favorite spot is on the back of our couch. Pyxxie does this really strange human sit when she is in your arms. She sits straight up like a little human, its really cute.


Pgirl 3.JPG

She also loves to crawl across the back of our couch like she is a cat! Its adorable to watch. 
She is very gentle and loving, and a master of licking my face off. I think when she is ready to have babies, she will be a great mother.  When there are no puppies to keep busy, she runs around the couch with Lady Dublin like its a race track. They make me tired just watching them.

Pyxxie and jack.jpg
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