For Our American Hero

House of Hepley was founded by a 100% disabled veteran- with PTSD. Boston Terriers have changed his life. The precious gift of unconditional love, pure selfless loyalty, and a forever companion has helped him to learn the thrills of living again. We could only wish to share this remarkable magic with everyone we meet! Until we win the lottery, we have chosen to reach out to the American Veteran Population first.  

Thank You James and family, we honor you for taking an oath to serve our country and the American people. We appreciate what your family (and other Veterans who serve) have sacrificed to ensure our freedom. Your service is never taken for granted-- what you gave to my family and other Americans is forever remembered -every day! Vailet is just a small token to express "Thank you for your sacrifices" with every puppy kiss, snuggle and moment you share!  


Jack and Ciaran

Thank you for your selfless service!

We couldnt thank ALL our veterans enough in this whole lifetime.

Steve is a Purple Heart Recipient Thank you for being our HERO!

Thank you Josh for your service! You're our hero!

Thank You for your service Mike! From the hearts of America!

You are our 2020 hero Jeff! Thank you for serving, and protecting our community on a daily basis!!!