We would love nothing more than to donate ALL of our puppies to disabled veterans, but unfortunately we are not big enough to do this. Many families have offered to help, so here is your chance. 

If you would like to help a disabled veteran obtain a puppy for a therapeutic service dog, you can help by donating here. We will keep a running total of donations. When we receive $3000, a second veteran will receive a puppy at no charge. All medical, health testing and costs will be paid for. We have multiple veterans waiting for their chance at a puppy! All photos of veterans and puppies will be posted and you will be able to see who your donations have helped. Every penny helps. 100% of donations go directly for this puppy. Eventually we will reach our goal and another Veteran will know how much he/she means to our Boston Terrier Communities! Lets do this!

Donate to purchase a puppy for an additional Disabled Veteran this year!


Goal : $3000

Total Contributions: $10.00

Thank you Eric and Michell for making a $1000 donation to our veteran program! And also, thank you for YOUR service! Eric and Michell pushed our donations to the top for 2022!!!

Words cannot thank you enough!

Eric and Michell.jpg

We would love to thank our last year donators for making our goal! 2022 will be the very first year that we have had enough donations to get a second Veteran a puppy! Stay tuned for photos when the babies come!!!