Available Puppies

Why do you Breed?

"It is for the lives that our puppies have touched. Its for the long-time companions that we have shared. Its for the son's best friend and confidant, or kid-like side of the "manly man" ... and the woman's devoted love of these amazing little babies. We breed because in our mundane lives of this challenging rough world, our puppies bring happiness and bliss -- friendship and loyalty. We breed for the love of the breed, and sharing our precious treasures -- with others." - Jack Epley

Costs and Deposits

All of our puppies are $1600.00 for pet prices. If you want breeding rights, the cost is $1850.00 - for approved families. Initial deposit is half of the full price, and the final half is due upon puppy pick-up. All deposits are 100 % refundable if the family decides that they do not want a Hepley Boston Puppy. The deposit will be returned in as soon as the puppy receives a deposit from another family. 

Why so expensive?

$1600.00 may seem to some families to be "too much" to spend on a family dog. "Why do our puppies cost so much?" they ask. My answer to this question is simple. Here at the House of Hepley, we consider our Boston Terriers family. We have long strived to ensure that the parents cannot pass on any of the main genetic health concerns listed for the Boston Terrier. Hepley Boston Parents are certified not to produce puppies with Juvenile Cataracts,deafness, or adult eye diseases.

Our waiting lists are full. We have families

from across the nation who are now expecting 

beautiful babies this year. We will only be

accepting deposits for January 2021 and on.

Please visit back often and enjoy the wonderful

videos and photos of our happy families with 

their new babies!!

Waiting Lists for 2021 have begun


House of Hepley continues to be a recognized breeder through the AKC program Bred with HEART.  Each and every puppy is closely watched and taken well care of. We spend MANY hours of cleaning, feeding,grooming, and monitoring their health.

But, we spend MORE hours spoiling them! 

We bathe, exercise, and begin to potty train our puppies. Hepley Puppies do not sit in kennels in the heat/cold in wire crates. They are babies, and we spend many hours treating them as so. We spend money on microchips,  food, immunizations, deworming, and vet check-ups. 

When you take home a Hepley Baby, we do the very best to ensure that your baby is healthy for life and NOT just until you get your puppy home. We strive to ensure LIFELONG HEALTHY companions. and $1600 encompasses it all!


It will always strike you as one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Breeding rights for select families. Prices for puppies with full AKC breeding rights are $250.