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Rhonda RIckermann
May 07, 2021
In Introduce Yourself
Hi! Rhonda Rickermann is my name. I am on the waiting list for a puppy in Aug-Sept. We had a lot of questions for Cairin before we sent our money. She was so helpful. We have requested a male, but my single son (not living at home) wants me to get a female. My question is, which is easier? I am so looking forward to the arrival of a new puppy in our home. We have had three different type dogs in our 40 years of marriage. We had a Dalmatian, a Basenji, and a rescue dog. So after having a rescue we decided to go back to a full breed dog. I think knowing that Cairin does DNA on her male and female to make sure there are no healthy issues, drew me to this breeder. If there is anything anyone would like to tell me, please feel free to let me now. I'M EXCITED!!

Rhonda RIckermann

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